Monthly Archives: December 2012

  • Be a part of something big!

    Be a part of something big! After the exciting news that Rickie Fowler has signed on with COBRA Golf, making him a full COBRA PUMA GOLF athlete, we are going to do something big to welcome him to the team!

    Here are the details you need to know to get involved:

    --Going to the Farmer’s Insurance Open? Wear your ORANGE on Friday to support Rickie!

    --Snap a photo of yourself before you head into the tournament and tweet us your pic to @cobragolf ! #AMPitUp

    --On Friday, make sure you make it to the 18th green for Rickie’s final hole, you’ll pick something up from us along the way!

    --Check out the crowd around you and take part in the fun! Maybe you could make it on TV!